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DIANA Edward 'Miss Kenya Ndio Aliyeniharibia Miss World, She is Fake'

Miss Tanzania, Diana Edwards recently came back with all smiles after the Miss World competitions. On a follow up, we all knew she was very social and jovial with all beauty pageants. However she was quite disappointed to find out that Miss Kenya, who she thought was a close friend, stabbed her on the back.

Her documentary, ‘Maasai Dondosha Wembe’ took the position at top twenty four and she was to hold position one for Beauty With Purpose competition, but apparently Miss Kenya complained she did the same project.

“I am not happy with what she did, I asked her if she knew some Kenyan designer she denied yet she has ever been designed by him. So I wore his design not knowing she has ever worn it and did a photo-shoot with it. All along she was a fake, going behind my back, saying as Africans we have to support each other yet she knew exactly what she was up-to,” said Diana.

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