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Mange Kimambi Afunguka Jinsi Alavyompata Mtoto Wake wa Kwanza....Amtakia Happy Birthday

From Mange kimambi_ - 15 years ago today at 22 years old I was in Highland Hospital in Oakland, California giving birth to my very first child who I named Cassandrah Cutiey. Yes her middle name is Cutiey, she hates it..I dont know what I was thinking 😂.....I was alone and scared in a foreign country, no family, no boyfriend just one friend Natalia Bakilana and her husband Daniel were in the room holding my hand.....I remember a few hours later being asked by child services if I wanted to give her up for adoption since I was alone, a foreign college student with no support what so ever. I remember looking at them in disbelief like really? You think I would go through 9 months of pregnancy, get disowned and financially cut off by my father and all the time knowing full well another woman was a few months pregnant with the same guy, I would go through all that only to give her away???😭😭. I told them if I didnt want her I would had an abortion..... She truly is my first 💖 and I hope one day she will realize as crazy, as controlling, as bossy, as mkaliiiiii, as ' planning her future' , as untrusting as her mom is no one in this world will ever love her as much as I do. No one....... .

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