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I Love My Boyfriend But I Enjoy Having S3x With Strangers

I know my romantic boyfriend is planning some Valentine’s treat but whatever it is, it won’t thrill me as much as having séx with strangers.

I’m 24 and he’s 25. We met in school and we both work in tourism. He’s a really nice guy and we’ve been together five years. We’ve been happy for most of that time but lately I’ve realised I’m totally bored with my life.

He worked late one night and I went to the bar with a friend. I was up at the bar when this really cool guy started flírting with me. When I sat down he kept turning to look and then giving a smile. It made me feel séxy and hot.

My friend had a cold and soon phoned for a cab. I said I’d walk home as it wasn’t that far. That guy was still there at the bar and I wanted to see what would happen.

What happened was that we flirtéd some more and then we went back to his car and had séx. It was great and I felt like a wild child or something who lives for the moment and isn’t afraid to have fun.

That was the first time I did it but last month it happened again, this time with a guy I met on a training course. I’d never seen him before and I’ve no wish to see him again but the thrill was imménse.

Last night I had sé.x with a stranger I met in a club. I know that it’s wrong but it’s thrilling and risky and fun. I don’t like telling lies but if I told my boyfriend the truth it would destroy him.

Sarah Lyimo

Please Advice Her

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