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MFANYABIASHARA Maarufu Kenya Kuzikwa Katika Jeneza la Dhahabu na Lisilopitisha Risasi.....

Aliyekuwa mfanyabiashara na mwanasiasa Kenya, Marehemu Nicholas Biwott kuzikwa katika jeneza la dhahabu na lisilopitisha risasi...

Imefanyika hivyo kutokana na maagizo yake aliyotoa kabla ya kifo chake ambapo alidai ana maadui wengi ambao wanaweza kumwinda hata akiwa kaburini....

Former Powerful Minister, Nicholas Biwott, will be buried in a gold bullet proof coffin to protect him from enemies.

In a will, Biwott said even in death enemies would be all over him. He therefore demanded that he be buried inside a bullet proof coffin so as to scare away people aimed at him. He also told his beloved ones to bury him in a golden coffin, to symbolize his social status.

The tycoon’s coffin has been ordered from USA after it was established that a casket of this nature could not be found in Kenya. Anytime this week the coffin will arrive in the country under maximum security.

Biwott was a man who constantly feared everyone and anyone. He was afraid of death. A secretive man, the former Minister never allowed any person near his compound unless iit was a close family member. Even in death, it was his wish to be protected.

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