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Mwimbaji Avril wa Kenya Akanusha Kwamba Hajatafunwa na Diamond Platnumz

Dah! Huyu Diamond wenu Watanzania kweli kidume maana kwa jinsi huwa namuonea wivu kwa huyo Zari wake....Aisei hatulii, mara kamtia mimba yule msanii waliyeshiriki naye kwenye wimbo wa 'Salome', mara kapiga kule mara kapiga huku, yaani anakatiza nchi zote hizi akitawala kwa hawa warembo wote.

Sasa huyu Avril naye ameanza mikanusho...

Avril explained why she agreed to be a video vixen for Diamond Platnumz' single Kesho. In an interview with Kiss FM's Chito for the Maloko Show, Avril also talked about her new exciting music project featuring A Pass, and her life in the public eye.

The song has already become an online favourite in just three weeks.

Avril said that after starring in Diamond's song, she has maintained a friendship with him. Before she releases a song, she seeks Diamond’s approval, because she values it so much, but made it clear their relationship is all music-based.

She said: “Everyone thought Diamond and I dated and others thought I was now a video vixen, but it was all music, and even up to date, we chat. I send him a track before I release a song because I value his opinion."

Avril said she could not understand why the Kenya Wildlife Board picked a Ugandan musician, Eddy Kenzo, as their brand ambassador.

She said: "In my music, I always try and paint the picture of Kenya, and so as a Kenyan, I would be best placed to show appreciation of the country, as compared to an outsider, who doesn't even speak Kiswahili. I hope one day they will use a Kenyan to represent Kenya."

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